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The Secret of the House 2/24/95

Part 1: The Secret of the House
Chapter 1: Burned & Damned

The house was built in 1899. Christina saw a beautiful blue house up for sale. It said call 555-4131, so Christina called it and they said it was $150,000. She asked for a tour of the house, It had an upstairs. When she first walked in was the living room it had two windows. Then she walked in the next room, it was a dining room, in front of that room was a bedroom, to the left was the bathroom and right next to the bedroom is the kitchen; beside the kitchen is the utility room. After she got toured she decided to buy the house with her friend Brandy. They were roommates until one night Brandy heard screaming upstairs. She went to see what had happened. Christina was on fire. She was trying to cut open her waterbed, but it was too late, Christina was already burnt to a crisp. Brandy was so upset that her best friend had died that she cut the bed open the rest of the way and drown herself.

January 13,1905 Friday

Chapter 2: Movin' In

After six years a young couple was moving in with their 15 year old son & 10 year old daughter, Amy and Ben. Amy was bringing in boxes. Then there was a crash and a scream. Ben ran in to see what happened. He found Amy with her head cut off. He started calling his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Goodie. They came running. Mrs. Goodie started crying and hugged her husband tightly. Ben asked "why did she have to die. she was too young to die!" Mrs. Goodie said "I'm hungry, I'll cook supper." She went to start to put cold water but the hot water came on and burnt her hand badly. She screamed loudly. Ben came running in to see what had happened. Her hand was beet red. Ben got his dad Mr Goodie, came in he took a look at her hand and said it would be ok. Then when supper was ready Mr. Goodie was cutting the steak and then his finger slipped and he cut his finger off. Ben said "lets leave this house its going to kill us if we stay in it another day." Mr, Goodie said "we'll leave tomorrow when we get up." At 6:00am Saturday, they packed up and left. And they never came back.

Chapter 3: Die, Die, Die!

After 6 years an old man that had cancer moved in with his wife. He just got out of the hospital and had a hospital bed at his house. He kept it by a window to look out. The next morning his wife found him in his bed lying there. She tried to wake him but he would not wake up. She started to cry and then called the police. She finally realized he had died during the night. She left the house and never went back.

Chapter 4: At the funeral

Mrs. White cried so much because of poor Mr. White's death. She bent down to kiss him. His dead corpse grabbed her, pulled her in the coffin with him and bit her throat out and killed her.

Chapter 5: The secret is revealed

After many years five girls moved in named Michele, Jennifer, Sherry, Jessie and Suzann. They thought it was a really cool house. One day while Sherry and Jessie were grocery shopping and Suzann was out in her pretty garden, Jennifer and Michele were upstairs in the closet. Jennifer found a little door leading to a storage space. Jennifer told Michele they should go see what was in there. They found bones of a young girl like them. After Sherry and Jessie got home they cooked supper and sat and ate, they took a shower and went to read in bed. Then Suzann heard a voice "why did you look? why did you find me?" Suzann asked Sherry "did you hear that? yes", Sherry said. Tomorrow we are going to burn the house. Sherry said, why? Because I read a lot about this house, it'll kill anyone who comes in here because of the secret. Oh! We'll pack early then get a new house then come back and burn this house. Ok. Goodnight. Goodnight. The next day the five girls packed up and moved their stuff to the new house. Then they came back, went back in the whole house and poured gasoline all over the place, got out, lit a match and watched the house burn down. "We found out the secret and made it out alive."

Part 2: The Cursed Lands
Chapter 6: The new house is going up

One bright summer day Jim, Tom and Joey were building a new two story house. It was going to be a green color. That night after they left, the house started making noise. The next morning after, the house was finished. They started making a metal storage shed. Then they made a horse barn near the railroad tracks. What they didn't know was.........

Chapter 7: For Sale

A few weeks after the house was built, it went up for sale. One hot summer day a girl and her boyfriend went looking for a house. They went to a small town called Lynnville and asked a man where the new house was in town. He said "go past the Co-Op and up the street til you see a green house." Thank you, Michele said. Michele and Robert drove up the road in their new vett. They me to the green house, there was a number to call. (i wont post that number because its a real number still in service) "Michele come on let's call for the house," Robert said. Michele was looking at the house. "Michele!" What did you say something Robert? Yes, come on lets go call  the number. No, you go ahead I want to look around. Ok I'll come back to pick you up in a few minutes.Bye. After Robert left , Michele went to the front door and to her surprise the door opened a little. "Come in" a voice said. "What did you say," Michele asked. But then everything was quiet. Then Robert sped up the street and stopped at her. " Get in and lets go. Will we get the house? Yes its ours. Good."

Chapter 8: Pets

"Robert can we get a puppy and a kitten? Sure honey."  Michele and Robert went to the humane society to adopt a puppy and kitten. They got a German Sheppard and a Siamese. The puppy was named Killer and the kitten was Sugar. One night Sugar was meowing loudly. The next morning they found Sugar laying by Killer dead...Michele thought Killer killed her. But it was the ghost coming back for revenge. Then the next night Killer started barking. The next morning Killer was dead and his legs were cut off. The night before Michele heard voices calling her to get out. So she told Robert. He said they would move before they got hurt. So they packed up their stuff and left. Michele head a voice yelling, "come back here!"

Part 3: Castles Built
October 13, 1995 - Friday the 13th
Chapter 9: Castles and Friends

After the house burnt down the people rebuilt a castle where the house was. When the castle was all finished Michele, Sherry, Suzann, Tiffany, Josh, Ryan, Scott, Wayne and Robert moved in. They loved their new castle. They walked upstairs and in the attics. Downstairs and in the dungeons. They finally found their bedrooms. All the rooms were down the hall next to each other. All the teenagers went to sleep. The next morning Sherry and Scott went to buy a theater tv. for the castle. Ryan and Tiffany went to buy their bedroom sets. Suzann and Wayne went to get their things and Michele, Robert and Josh went to buy loveseats, couches, the large kitchen table and their bedroom sets.

Chapter 10: Fixing up the castle

That day they all got their stuff home. Everybody helped bring in the tv, loveseats, couches, bedroom sets and kitchen table. After the boxes were brought in, Michele and Josh went to Michele's room to put up the bedroom set. Then they sat down to talk. After about an hour or two later they went to watch tv in the huge living room. Late that night the teenagers went driving around. They were in two to a car and some drove alone. Michele had a 57 Chevy, Robert 57 Ford,Suzann and Wayne were in a convertible, Sherry and Scott in a Porsche, Tiffany and Ryan in a Corvette; Josh had a black Lamborghini They all went to the mall, out to eat and then to a movie. It was around 11:30pm before they got home. When they got ready for bed; Sherry went to see Scott because he called her in his room when they got home. When she walked in he was sitting on the bed waiting for her. They sat and talked for hours. Then before she left he asked if she would go out with him. She told him she would send him an answer tonight in their dreams because all of them had telepatic powers where they could send messages to each other. Anytime, anywhere, they also knew if each other were in trouble. That night she sent him her answer. The next morning they all got up and ate breakfast. Josh went to work at the Nintendo company to play games all day. His paycheck is $500.00 a day. Tiffany stayed at home. Michele and Sherry raise and breed horses together. Scott is a world famous kickboxer. Suzann is a clothes designer. And Ryan is an author. That same day Michele was in the castle by herself for a few minutes when she heard someone or something talking to her. It was trying to be nice to her. She didn't get scared. She sat down and listened to it. She talked to it and asked it questions. Then it said goodbye and left. That night Michele told Josh, Ryan, Scott and Robert about the spirit. She asked them not to tell anyone because then all of them would want to leave.They all promised not to say anything. They all left but Josh. He stayed and they talked for hours. Then while they were talking they fell asleep. The next morning after everybody ate, Ryan sent Tiffany a message asking her to go out with him; she sent a message back saying Yes! The only single people left were Josh, Robert and Michele. After lunch Josh went to work in the castle. Michele and Sherry went to ride horses and the only person at home was Tiffany. That night Sherry and Scott went out to a movie; Tiffany and Ryan went out to eat and Suzann and Wayne went to the mall. Michele, Josh and Robert stayed and home and rented movies and watched them. Finally Michele got tired and went to bed. Josh and Robert went to bed when the movie was over. Later that night everyone got home. They stayed up and talked about their wonderful night they each had. Sherry, Suzann and Tiffany went to bed. The three boys stayed up and talked about how much they liked the girls. Then after they talked they went to bed.

Chapter 10: New Couple

The next couple of days a new couple moved in, Dan and Jessie. They were going together since the kickboxing match. They got a very nice room since we were all friends. Jessie and Dan had a red 57 Chevy. Every night the couples went out and once in a while Josh and I went to a movie or something. I was so happy when Josh and Ryan moved in with us when they first built the castle because I never got to tell him that I liked him in school. Maybe I thought I could tell him now, but maybe he wouldn't be friends with me anymore. So we just sat there and played Saga. After a while Jessie and Dan got home.They sat and talked for an hour. Then Sherry and Scott got home. Sherry called Michele into her room and told her all about her fun time with Scott. Then she asked Michele why she wouldn't go out with Josh. Michele told her that he never asked her out. Sherry told her to ask him out. Michele said that she couldn't do that because they were such good friends. Then Josh, Michele, Jessie, Dan, Sherry and Scott went to bed because they stayed up too late talking. It was after 11:00 before Wayne, Ryan,Tiffany and Suzann got home. They also went to bed. The next day Josh, Michele, Sherry and Scott went horseback riding. They packed a lunch and drinks and rode off. They had a great time riding in the beautiful woods. Finally they rode back home. When they got back they went to their rooms. After a few minutes Michele walked down the hall to talk to Josh when she passed by Sherry's room, she saw Sherry and Scott kissing. Then she also had to pass by Tiffany and Ryan's room and they were kissing also. Finally she got to Josh's room, he was just sitting there on his bed. She was happy he wasn't kissing anybody because she was tired of seeing people kiss. Josh and Michele sat down and talked for a few minutes. Then Michele and Josh went for a ride in his black lab. We stayed out til 1:00 am. When we finally got home we said goodnight. But we stood there for ten minutes staring into each others eyes. Finally a dog started barking, they stopped staring and went to bed. The next morning Sherry, Jessie, Tiffany and Suzann came to Michele's room and asked about her night. Michele said she had a great time. But was scared he hated it. All the boys were talking to Josh. He told them it was a great time to get to know Michele better then when they went to school. Scott told the boys he liked Sherry the first time he met her at the kickboxing match. Ryan said he and Tiffany went together during school too. Tiffany didn't really like Ryan at first because he was shorter then she was. Wayne met Suzann and Michele down town and went to the haunted barn and then to Michele's castle. They sat down for a few minutes. Then Wayne got on the computer, Suzann touched Wayne on the shoulder. He didn't care. Then we went outside and finally his mom came to pick him up. Suzann really liked Wayne and kept talking about him.

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