The Enchanted World

Another story I wrote. This one I did on October 17, 1996. It will need to be read and revised/spellchecked. So please enjoy and if spelling needs to be corrected feel free to leave comments or msg me on fbook!

Chapter 1: The Girls & Their Animals

Somewhere in an enchanted world lived three beautiful witches and unicorns.All three were best friends. One girl had long luscious black hair flowing down her back. Her name was Star because she loved to sit and look at the purple twinkling stars. Her eyes were the color of black shiny pearls. Her best friends were also very beautiful. One with long blond flowing hair and shimmering blue eyes was named Moon because she loved to look at the magickal blue moon. Her other best friend was Comet, she had pretty long brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She was named Comet because she enjoyed watching shooting stars. One day Star and Moon went out walking and they stumbled upon two magnificent creatures. The two most gracious unicorns they've ever seen. They walked up to the unicorns and started petting them/ The two girls took the unicorns home and tamed them. The next day they brought Comet out where they found the other two unicorns. Standing looking at them was the prettiest pure white unicorn. Comet walked over to it, let it smell of her, then jumped on. Comet rode her new friend back to their castle. Later that day they gave their unicorns names based on how they acted. Star named hers Midnight Flame because he loved the dark and could shoot flames with his horn. Moon's unicorn's name was Tornado Wind because he loved to run and could use his horn to blow anything away.  Comet named her unicorn Stars Water because he loved reaching for the stars and could put water any where needed with his horn. The girls enjoyed riding the unicorns and their company was great. Then one day three guys appeared out of no where.

Chapter 2: The Guys & Girls Meet

Out of nowhere appeared the three best looking guys the girls have ever seen. One jumped off his horse and walked toward the girls. Star stepped forward "Hello, my name is Star and these are my best friends, Moon & Comet." "Well my name is Midnight and those are my best buds, Rocket and Dust." Star thought Midnight was the cutest. He had the blackest hair and shimmering blue eyes. Moon and Comet were over talking to Rocket and Dust. It seemed to star, Moon really liked Rocket and Comet liked Dust. They weren't bad looking at all. Rocket had dark blond hair and green eyes thats shone like emeralds. Dust had light brown hair and hazy gray eyes. Star looked at Midnight who was looking at his friends and smiled. "Um, Midnight," said Star. "Yes, what is it", Midnight replied. I just wanted to tell you that my friends and I are witches. Oh, then I guess you should know, I'm a vampire, Rocket is a warlock and Dust is a shapeshifter. Ok, by the way if you guys need a place to live, you can live with us in our castle. I mean we have plenty of room. Thank you very much. Why don't we get the guys and go. Star got Moon and Comet. The girls jumped on their unicorns and Midnight jumped on his black horse, and they all rode back to the castle. Star showed Midnight his room. "this is a wonderful room, but its too bright, you think you can fix it for me please?" With a snap of her fingers she turned the room black. Everything in the room was black. Star looked at Midnight. "like it?" He just looked at her and smiled, then leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. It was a long passionate kiss, because the next thing they heard was Moon yelling to them from the dining room. "You two's food is getting cold, come down and eat!" The two walked downstairs and ate at the table with their friends. Moon and Comet had already brought the guys to their rooms and sat down and started eating dinner. After they ate, they sat and talked for a while. By then it was 11:00. Moon, Comet, Rocket and Dust said they were going to bed. Star and Midnight said goodnight to them and talked for about fifty minutes. Then Midnight got up and said "want to go ride for a while? sure why not!" said Star. So they headed to the stable to get their animals and rode and talked for a couple of hours. Then they headed back and went to their rooms and went to bed.

Chapter 3: The Next Day

The next morning Moon was up first. She was in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. Rocket was up next, he walked downstairs and into the kitchen to see what was going on. Moon turned and looked at him. then he said "how's the prettiest witch this morning?" All Moon could do was smile at him. Then Rocket put down the [;ate on the dining table and turned to kiss her. Moon fell deep into the kiss. Then Comet came down "having fun", she asked. Rocket and Moon parted. All three of them started laughing. Dust appeared and said "whats so funny?" All they could do was look at them. Then they got their breakfast and sat down and started eating. "Where is Star and Midnight?" Comet finally asked. "They are still asleep I guess", Rocket said. After a few moments later Star and Midnight came down holding hands. Everyone stopped eating and looked at them. Star was wearing a black midriff and black shorts. Midnight was wearing a black teeshirt and shorts. "Good morning", Star said and sat down at the table and started eating. Midnight sat down too and started eating. When everyone was done Star said " I'll clean the table, Moon, you Rocket, Comet, Dust and Midnight go for a ride or something." "No, I'll stay here with Star and help her, you guys have fun" Midnight said. "Ok" Moon finally said. And they left. Star snapped her fingers twice and everything was done. "Why did you stay?" Star asked. "Because I like you. You're different, mysterious." "Yes I am. You're a mind reader aren't you Midnight? Yes, I am. Then you can use your power to read my mind. No, I don't want to right now, it's fun predicting what you're going to do next." Like this? Follow me." And she headed up the spiral stairs. They came to a closed door. Then she opened it. The room was beautiful! It was black, like Midnight's. Except it had a bunch of candles in it. She lit each one then sat on her king size bed. She looked at Midnight. "Come sit with me", she said. And i'll show you what's so mysterious and magickal about me.

Chapter 4: Star's Magic

Midnight sat in the bed with Star. She was beautiful in her own way, he thought. The sparkle in her eyes when she looked at him, her hair so soft and silky, not a strand out of place. "So what do you want to show me?" Midnight asked. "This" Star said, and pulled him close and pressed her lips to his. You read my mind, he thought. I know, she said without a word. Then he pulled away and said "I want to get to know you better. Well just read my mind and you'll know all you want." We better go catch up to them, Star said. So they went to the stable and jumped on their animals. They rode for a while until they found their friends.Moon looked at them and smiled. "I'm getting tired", said Dust. Me too, said Comet. Let's head home. So they all headed back to the castle. After putting their horses and unicorns in their stables they went in the castle. "i'm going to lay down", said Moon then told Rocket to go with her. Me too, Star said and looked at Midnight. Yeah, see you two later, then followed Star. I'll show you some magic some other time. You can sleep in here with me if you like. So Star and Midnight fell asleep. But before Star fell asleep she put a special spell on Midnight. "You will have sweet dreams and love me." Then she fell asleep. Comet and Dust went to her room, talked for a while then fell asleep. When everyone woke it was dark out. "Boy I'm hungry, said Star. Me too, Comet replied. My stomach is growling." "Let's use our magic to make dinner," Moon said. The girls made a spell, and then there was meatloaf on the table. Everyone enjoyed their dinner. Then they decided to go swimming. Star put a special spell on the pool to warm it. "How did you do that, Midnight asked. I told you I have magic and that I'd show you", Star replied smiling.